Hello World!

Hello World! Well, yeah its the first WordPress post! 😀  If you are reading this, then I must have done or made something that has impressed you. Okay, This is Arun Sharma from New Delhi, India.

Things that Describes me : Developer, Android, Gadgets Lover,Coder, Hacking, Blogger, Social Enthusiast, Internet Lover.

I always thought of starting my personal blog and writing about my findings and makings of what i have done so far. But it didn’t work, I don’t know why. I have written many articles in the past on many blogs ( currently writing at Binarywall.com).  I am on the verge on completing my education and I think, its time for personal blogging where I will write about the skills acquired so far.

Its been 5 years, I am struggling on internet to get most of it. I chose my career as a developer because of internet. I like learning things, the methods, the implementation, designing and playing with APIs.

Here, I will post all the stuff that I have done so far to improve my knowledge and make myself better on many things. They might help you if you want to learn and grab interesting things from internet.