Page Manager For Facebook – Use this extension to manage your Facebook fan pages

Okay, this starts 2 years back, When I saw pushbullet extension which did amazing things to my browser. I could able to send anything to my phone by just right-clicking on anything. That was cool! So, as a developer, I will create one of my own. So I started searching internet to get started with chrome extension development. I, also, decompiled a lot of extensions including pushbullet ( I know this is illegal but I was learning something :P). Then, I got to know about basic things that I need for chrome extension development. I tried to develop it and eventually created that thing ( Send it ), learned a lot of different things while developing like creating android app for receiving data, sending data to multiple devices, setting up notification server etc. I also thought of launching as a product but It was college time. Time passed. Nothing happened! 😀

I have also setup a hell lot of cron scripts in PHP for automating my Facebook fan pages. They still work well. A few months back, while browsing facebook, watching great and funny content in my feed, I wanted to share that content on my Facebook pages but you know, I am so lazy. Who will download that content, who will open individual fan page, and who will upload that content. Sigh!

So, I decided to make a chrome extension so that I could post to my fan pages with just a click. Last weekend, I researched about facebook graph API for pages and got to know that I can do almost anything with it. So, I programmed the extension in 2 days and it was fun.

Page Manager for Facebook, is handy chrome extension to manage and post on your pages instantly just right clicking on text, link, images or even Facebook videos.

Watch demo here: